Tacit is an introverted, minimalistic audio game meant to be played with closed eyes.

In this game your mission is to hunt for silence. Somewhere in the noisy environment is an enclosed area where everything is quiet. Find this area by hovering with the mouse and click to win. (If you want to cheat you can play this game with eyes open, but why would you do that?)

Press the screen to play!

Tacit Flash Game

Source code and assets

In the zip file you will find the complete project with source code and art assets (gfx and music). You will need HaXe, OpenFL and HaxeFlixel (and also probably FlashDevelop) to compile from the source. Follow the getting started guide at HaxeFlixel to get the setup working.

Download .zip (2.9 MB) 2014-12-07 (Competition Version)

Ludum Dare Theme

The theme for the 31th Ludum Dare Competition was "Entire Game on One Screen".

Since I had very little time to dedicate to the competition this weekend I had to do something very small and constricted. Much of my previous "Connected Worlds" entry was spent in a very hectic content creation-mode and I wasn't too keen on reliving that kind of stress this time. Since the theme easily implied a very fixed and constrained game environment I thought about it once more ... why even bother with the screen at all? Let's keep the content creation to a minimum! So in this game the screen is your internal world - or whatever you 'see' when you close your eyes and listen to the sounds.


This entry had very little code, most of the code was spent on building the audio parts and trying to get good crossfades between level transitions and object distances.

Content (music)

Content-wise the abstract sound track and the pad sounds were pretty basic to make. Atonal ambient stuff is pretty much just throwing lots of esoteric sound patches on the timeline and listen to what works. This time I also managed to get some good usage from Absynth! This (too) powerful synth is often difficult to use "in a mix" but for spacy metallic drone sounds and ambient stuff it is just perfect for the job.


This is my first "audio game" and I find that it truly is a genre that is hard to make interesting. I've thought about making a game I could play in my bed with my eyes closed but never really had any inspiration of where to start. When the theme was announced I felt I wanted to mess with the theme a bit, and also see if I could do a game without any graphics at all.

Testing the game on a tablet on my bed at night I find that some extra dimensions are added to the gameplay, mainly caused by the physical boundaries of the device and the surrounding darkness.