Help the ball escape the temple dungeon for the void of space!

In this game you are a sole ball and your mission is to escape the dungeon, back to your regular Pong™-game-universe! To assist in your escape you can create a bumper paddle by drawing on the screen. Be sure to bounce into everything you can hit!

Click here or on the image to play! (It will be about a 9 MB download)

Source code

In the zip file you will find the libgdx/Java code for this entry. It is not the complete Android Studio project - just the contents of the 'core' folder since those are the only unique files. Because the game relies quite heavily on Tiled and the .tmx map format I've also based some of the Tiled properties code on the MapBodyManager.java class by D.S. Márquez. I have also extended it somewhat for my own purposes (support for circle/elliptical shapes). Beware that the quality of my code is below pre-alpha-vaporware with lots of hard-coded values and large functions, this time it was really write-once-and-forget-forever!

Download .zip (8 kB) 2015-03-29

Mini Ludum Dare Theme

The theme for the 58th Mini Ludum Dare was "Pong". The rules were very simple this time:

I wanted to try some Tiled and pixel-art style again, so I tried to make a combination of the classic pong mechanic and an 2.5D tilemap-look. So basically the Hero is the Pong ball and you use your mouse/fingers to draw a paddle, onto which the ball bounces to further explore the level.


This time I switched from the HaXe(Flixel) platform with flash export to Java(libgdx) with HTML5 export. The actual coding was pretty straightforward and took about three late evenings + one Saturday.


Since I had about one week to do this entry I was a lot less stressed than the previous 48 hour competitions. Most of the time was spent during the week with FilterForge, SketchUp and various paint editors to create the basic tiles and art assets. I think I developed a good pipeline in the end that I will probably use the next time I do more tile based art. FilterForge is very good at creating static/flat graphics (like brickwalls, floors etc.) while SketchUp is much better at creating more 3-dimensional stuff, so a combination of the two were required to get a good mix (getting the perspectives right in SketchUp and texturing them with FF). In summary I did very little pixeling by hand which was quite good because it takes just soooo much time...

Size-wize I had to constrain myself due to a quite busy work week with many late nights. I was pretty burned out when I got home and thus had to scrap a lot of ideas I wanted to get into the game - just to be able to finish before the end of the weekend. For instance I did not bother with any sound this time, and did not bother creating that much animated sprite art. Final ambitions to polish and juice up the game were pretty low!


This project is really a big test of a lot of 'new' stuff I've wanted to try for a while (tile graphics, HTML5 on tablets with java/libgdx) but never really had the time nor a suitable project. So when I saw the theme announcement on the LD site I thought: 'Well, why not? This should be a low-risk project that I could fit into the one-week deadline. Let's see how HTML5 works this time!'