In this game your mission is to remove all the heroes from the arena. Stamp the monsters on the playfield and try to eat as many heroes as possible. If the monsters can't find anything to eat they spit out whatever previously eaten. If all the monsters eat the same kind of item you earn a bonus action - be sure to use it!

Controls: Click with the mouse to eat items in the playfield. Click on bonus item to use the bonus action.

If you do not have Flash installed you can try the HTML5 version here.

KleenEmUp Flash Game

Source code and assets

In the zip file you will find the complete project with source code and art assets (gfx). You will need HaXe and OpenFL (and also probably FlashDevelop) to compile from the source. Follow the getting started guide at OpenFL - Learn to get the setup working.

Download .zip (71 kB) 2015-08-23 (Competition Version)

Ludum Dare Theme

The theme for the 33th Ludum Dare Competition was "You are the Monster".

Oh, what a theme! I spent the whole Saturday in a bad mood, thinking that this theme was more of a skinning excercise than a call to create new and strange mechanics. It took me three false starts with several ideas that went nowhere and were way too ambitious to fit into a 48h entry. A few hours into the first day I was both miserable and gloomy, mostly because I had nothing but some non-compiling TypeScript code, a bunch of inkscape vector drawings and a puny "script.txt" with 10 lines of mispelled English. Wonderful, just great...

I gave up and spent the rest of the day out in the sun instead, doing normal life stuff instead of LD-development. Back at home, a few hours later, I restarted from scratch with a little 2D-puzzler idea instead - just to prevent a total bail-out for this compo. I settled for an interpretation of the monster theme as a way to play as the "monster" eating the heroes instead of the hero killing the monsters. My previous ideas had been a bit fuller and better matched to the theme, but they would have required too much content for very little payoff, as they were more interactive stories than games.


Since I've been doing a few weekly One hour game jams since the last LD I had already done a few 2D-puzzlers and felt that I could probably crank out another one in a short timespan. Just to do something a bit more different this time I wanted to focus more on HTML5 compatability. For this to work I had to skip HaxeFlixel this time, since the HTML5 support for that library is still a bit experimental. Thus, I had to write all the stuff using old-school OpenFL with AS3-style graphics. A process that was not as hard as I remembered, and the HTML5 export seem to work just fine on the desktop (please try it out!). I've had some trouble getting it to run in mobile browsers, so will probably have to check that out later.


This is programmer art at its finest :) I did not spend a lot of time on making the graphics pretty. I skipped sound effects and music this time, since I wasn't sure about the HTML5 compatability and that I don't think it would have added that much extra to the experience.


I think this kind of puzzle mechanics can have some potential, but that I need to iterate some more to award strategic gameplay. At least it is very hard to win this game by just randomly clicking, but it it also has difficulties promiting a more planned approach since the stamp-spawning is a bit too chaotic.

I think the long summer break had me a bit too hyped for the next LD so intuivitely I think I wanted to do too much. The other themes that ran in the final voting round were also a lot more to my liking so I was really floored (and lost a lot of enthusiasm) when the theme I wanted the least to win had indeed become "The Chosen One". It was a tough journey and I felt I had a hard time doing anything fun with the theme ... Much of it was in the realm of 'make a normal game and replace/reskin the protagonist with a "monster" of some sort'. Hopefully the next compo will have a theme that inspires me a bit more!