Color Ramp Editor


This is a little tool to create small color ramps using HSL-space (Hue, Saturation, Lightness). I wrote this because I haven't really found any tool that lets me manipulate color gradients in this fashion. I've also tried to use many gradient and color ramp tools that work in RGB-space only, which I find tend to create unnatural looking ramps, or palettes that look a bit flat, static, undynamic and machine-made.

Crafting palettes in HSL-space makes it easier to create color ramps that also change their hue and saturation and not only their lightness. So if I want a bit more blue/purple tint in my shadows I only need to drag the H values toward the blue part of the spectrum. Likewise it is a bit easier to expand and compress the releative increase in saturation and lightness by just flatting out the curve.

This updated version also supports RGB entry to make it easier to examine already existing ramps.