The Tanjent Laboratories

TeamWriter - One Hour Game Jam Entry

Date: 2015-06-13

Theme: Teamwork

How To Play: Type, Type, Type ... Type like your salary depends on it!

Objective: Delivers lots of projects (by typing)!

TeamWriter Flash Game


The theme was "Teamwork" and this was the idea that first popped into my mind, so I totally went for it and spent the next 55 minutes in a furius typing session. I had a bit of help getting project management related words from the 'internets' but it was a solid 20 minute struggle with Notepad++ and some RegEx to clean the world list up. Content/Graphics seem to take its time whatever you try to do!

I had some difficulties with HaxeFlixel and non-alphanumeric input, so I had to skip spaces/hyphens/slashes and prune a lot of good words. Also, game balancing is really hard to implement in this short timespan. It would have been fun to try some smarter word placement and a bit more complex scoring system with penalties for late project deliveries (just like in real life, eh?)