The Tanjent Laboratories

Scuff - One Hour Game Jam Entry

Date: 2015-09-05

Theme: Press The Button

How To Play: Steer the button by pressing the mouse where you want to go. Click the Button to make it angry and eat the starfood!

Objective: Eat starfood.

Scuff Flash Game


The theme was "Press The Button" and one I actually liked! My first idea was to make a 2D top-view game featuring a button you moved by clicking around it ... but when I had drawn the 2 tiles and the hero sprite (grass, cave) I had 40 minutes left and no code. Writing the code I had to cut out some stuff (epic storyline, boss battles, scripting system... stuff like that) and resorted to this little bouncy thing instead. 5 minutes remaining I added the starfood and the kill graphics just to gamify it a bit.