The Tanjent Laboratories

One Hour Game Jam

On this page I list entries in the One Hour Game Jam hosted by bitslap.

Creating a game in less than one hour is really hard! If you get stuck you can easily burn 10 minutes without noticing. It is near impossible to implement fancy graphics, complex controls and a smart AI in the same entry (... unless it has already been written!)

Since you only got one hour it is all about minimalisation and cutting out stuff.

Stellt (2016-06-04)

StelltEngage The STEALTH POWER.

Yertoast (2016-04-09)

YertoastCatch the toasts

Moderaptor (2016-04-02)

ModeraptorModerate a Jam forum!

Majnsweepur (2016-03-12)

MajnsweepurSweepz Ze Minez!

The Stein Was Right (2016-02-20)

The Stein Was RightDetect Gravity Waves.

Trainer (2016-02-13)

TrainerKeep the ducks alive.

HashtagRun (2016-02-06)

HashtagRunAvoid the Hashtags!

Twinspottin (2016-01-09)

TwinspottinFind the twins!

PolygonFishin (2015-10-24)

PolygonFishinFish up the polygons from the vast sea.

SameSame (2015-10-11)

SameSameMake art. Different.

DunGunRun (2015-09-19)

DunGunRunRun toward the -> !

Dizazter (2015-09-12)

DizazterWatch up! Dynamite incoming!

Scuff (2015-09-05)

ScuffSteer an angry button to food.

MatchUpInSpace (2015-08-15)

MatchUpInSpaceMatch up your Starship fleet in space.

TeamWriter (2015-06-13)

TeamWriterLearn some new project management lingo with this interactive tool.

BigUp (2015-05-23)

BigUpMatch similar tiles.