The Tanjent Laboratories

BigUp - One Hour Game Jam Entry

Date: 2015-05-23

Theme: Grids

How To Play: Match tiles by clicking the mouse (much like Memory) press ENTER or SPACE to reset the game.

Objective: Get lots of points; curse at the setups that won't complete...

BigUp Flash Game


This game lacks a lot of things, but at least it was done in less than 1 hour :) It would have been fun to include some more obstacles and add some extra animations and polish.

I had about 7 minutes left before the submit deadline and decided to implement the scoring system (points!) This also made me do some uneccessary refactoring which meant a pretty central variable was deleted. The result was a black screen and null references everywhere. This took about 0x64 swear words and 0x05 minutes to clean up.